Success stories

Damian Leonardo Bartel

Rugby Player

Second row, 38 years old

Ussel [France]

Double success thanks to MBP

"This will be the third time I get to play abroad. Two of those opportunities have been possible thanks to MyBestPlay. This time, Iíll be playing for the club Sports Athletique Vierzonnais Rugby (SAV), in Vierzon, France. The president of the club has contacted me through MyBestPlay, and heís asked me for more details, photos, videos and references about my previous experience in other rugby clubs. Theyíve finally made me a formal proposal, and Iíve accepted it. Iíll be there on August 23rd for the pre-season. I thank MyBestPlayís team for their hard work and for having helped me to get this opportunity."



From Argentina to Madrid

"Iím MartŪn Mantovani, Iím an Argentinean soccer player and Iíve had a profile on MyBestPlay for a couple of months. Some manager directors of ďAtlťtico Madrid F.CĒ have seen my profile and have decided to contact me. Iíve been playing for this club since then. After adding my statistics, pictures, and videos, theyíve found me due to search engines and weíve finally arranged a try-out in Madrid. My family is very happy with this opportunity and me, too. Thanks MyBestPlay!"

Kostadin Angelov

Soccer Coach

Sofia [Bulgaria]

Thanks to MyBestPlay, I'm working in Indonesia

"Iím Kostadin Angelov and Iíve been working as a professional coach in Bulgaria. Iíve been a member of MyBestPlay since 2007. Last year, a certified agent, called Llano Mahardhika, saw my profile on the website and decided to contact me. Thanks to his hard work and effort, Iím working in Indonesia now. Iím coaching Pro Duta FC, a young team with skilful soccer players, a renowned manager, and great ambition. I hope to keep on working there. In a nutshell, Iíll always be grateful to MyBestPlayís team for this unbelievable opportunity. "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]