Success stories

Juan Andres Passeggi

Soccer Agent

Salinas [Uruguay]

Successful merger between Uruguay and Colombia

"A few time ago, Urucolombia set up its own business with help from Mario Ovalle. Thanks to this partnership, Victor Sanchez Caiseido was engaged to play for the Athletic Huila on the first division. So, he is playing for the main team in Colombia owing to MyBestPlay. MyBestPlay allowed us to know Ovalle’s work and that’s why we will be always thankful. Kind regards, and thanks again to MyBestPlay Team."

Nicola Parini

Soccer Agent

Lugano [Switzerland]

Two players on the Serie D

"I'm the owner of the agency called Magia Representantes, which has a branch in Lugano, Switzerland. I want to point out the usefulness of MyBestPlay that has allowed me to have plenty of football contacts all around the world, and luckily, I’ve got two players transfers in Italian clubs. First, the Italian goalkeeper called Filippo Di Leo who has now an engagement with Grottaglie Calcio, an Italian club playing on Serie D. Besides, the forward, with Italian passport, called Julio César Capretta is playing for Mezzolara Calcio, on Serie D too. I’d like to thank MyBestPlay for having helped me in my job and for giving young players a chance to success. "

Rosario Vuolo

5-a-side soccer Scout

Gorizia [Italy]

Italian Club profil to two players

"I want to testify to the usefulness of MyBestPlay that has given me the possibility to make my dreams come true. What is more, clubs can also find what they want, taking into account that they can personally find out what they are couping with. Long distances can be overcome by striking up a good conversation, and overseeing all the stuff involved. Thanks to MyBestPlay, we were able to find the two guys that we needed: Marco Aurelio Chal Clodson and Rafael Lopes, and we're so happy! MyBestPlay works so hard to strengthen illusions and encourage sportmen! Go ahead MyBestPlay! Rosario Vuolo of Adriatica Futsal Club. "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]