Success stories

Juan Carlos Guerrero Lobato

Soccer Agent

Ciudad De Mexico [Mexico]

From Rosario to the Asian Soccer Cup

"My name is Juan Carlos Guerrero Lobato, and I work as a soccer agent in Mexico, Guadalajara. Thanks to some successful negotiations in the Asia Pacific Region, Javier Cappelletti, a skilful player who Iíve met through MyBestPlay, is about to leave his home town in Rosario (Argentina) to play there. Javier will have soccer trials for a month, and heíll sign a contract for four months for New Radiant F.C, under good working conditions. Moreover, heíll play the Asian Soccer Cup and a local tournament for the Dhivehi League in Maldives Islands. Iíd like to point out that this will be the first international contract for my company, Arrowheat Expansion, in that continent and I think this will be an open door for new successful deals in the future. At the same time, itís been a pleasure to contact talented players from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Cameroon and, mainly, Colombia. Besides, Iím happy to be the Mexican leader agent in number of visits and contacts, and thatís why Iím deeply committed to my work. In a nutshell, Iím sure that many of us will have a promising future thanks to the hard work and professionalism of Iím grateful to MyBestPlay for bringing soccer closer to those who love sports. "

Sebastian Veintemilla

Soccer Player

Forward, 32 years old

Buenos Aires [Argentina]

Training with MyBestPlay

"Hi, Iím Sebastian Veintemilla, an Argentinean soccer player. Thanks to MyBestPlay I've been able to find the Argentinean Club San Marcos, where I've been earning a great deal of experience for my soccer career. The training that Alejandro Lino and C.E.N.E.F, his professional team, both registered on MyBestPlay, have provided us is the result of an intensive and effective work that takes into account the soccer playerís needs, both technical and physical. Moreover, the friendly matches organized by the club against first division clubs are profitable to measure forces and to get good references. I've been able to find this club very easily because of the intuitive search engine of MyBestPlay. Thanks to MyBestPlay, doors have began to open up for me. Iíve fulfilled the dream of any sport fan. I thank MyBestPlay and all of its community! "

Juan Manuel Rivas

Soccer Player

Defense, 27 years old

Godoy Cruz [Argentina]

Juan Manuel Rivas has drive to succeed gain!

"Iíd like to tell you how important MyBestPlay is for my career, since there's no other websites that can make it so easy and fast for agents and clubs to contact one another. Contests help players to promote themselves, and they help clubs and agents contact players and watch their videos for a first impression. That's why itís really important to complete your profile, and update it as much as possible. Iím dreadfully happy because, thanks to MyBestPlay, Barcelona JR LujŠn called me to make a trial in a campus in Buenos Aires some months ago. Given that Iíd won the contest organized by MyBestPlay and Milan Academy in Avila, they wanted to see me, and they paid the trip from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. On the other hand, Iíd like to say that Iíve arranged a trip to Europe so that I can go on with my career there. I thank MyBestPlay for everything they do for all its users."

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]