Success stories

Riccardo Napolitano

Soccer Scout

Cetraro [Italy]

Two players have found an agent

"My name is Riccardo Napolitano; Iím an Italian scout. I think MyBestPlay is a great idea and itís an indispensable tool for my work. Through this website, Iíve published several try-outs for soccer players and, fortunately, a lot of users have taken part. In these trials, Iíve recruited the Italian player Riccardo Mesisca and the Argentinean player Fernando Velasco, and theyíre my partners now. Iíd like to congratulate all the team and Iím sure that MyBestPlay will bring me new success stories to share with you! "


Soccer Player

Goalkeeper, 24 years old

Santiago De Chile [Burundi]

Recruited by a Spanish club

"Iím Ignacio Correa, a Chilean soccer player. I signed up on MyBestPlay as a goalkeeper. Some months ago, I contacted an agent called Marcelo DŪaz, another user of this website, and thanks to some successful negotiations, I got a tryout in the young divisions of S.D Eibar F.C. In May, I travelled to Spain together with Marcelo to try my luck at Racing Santander F.C, and finally, I was recruited there to play for the young divisions. All in all, MyBestPlay gave me the possibility to set up a more competitive environment for my career and thatís why I highly recommend this website to all my friends. "

Jonathan De Giulli

Soccer Player

Forward, 32 years old

Livorno [Italy]

Recruited through MyBestPlay

"My nameís Jonathan De Giulli. Iím an Italian 21-year-old soccer player. I signed up on MyBestPlay as a forward in December 2007. Throughout these years, Iíve made some good contacts through the website, given that Iíve got a complete rťsumť, with pictures and videos. Around mid-August, the Italian third division soccer club "Laigueglia" contacted me through MyBestPlay to invite me for a two-week tryout with all expenses included. Fortunately, the tryout was a complete success! Iíve just been recruited by this club and Iíll be playing here the next season. I'm grateful to MyBestPlay! "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]