Success stories

Marcelo Messina

Soccer Club

Capital Federal [Argentina]

Mybestplay, the ideal tool

"Thanks to MyBestPlay, many young players have come to train with me, and we’ve placed them at different clubs. For example, three players have come to Deportivo Español, and they’re already playing for that club. I’ve made contacts with more than 100 talented young soccer players on MyBestPlay, who have been able to attend trials and to play for many clubs. I congratulate you for the work you do!"


Soccer Agent

Buenos Aires [Argentina]

Agent thanks to MyBestPlay

"Thanks to MyBestPlay I came up with the idea of becoming a soccer agent, since I saw that players were answering all my messages. I found many players, and I was able to place them in different Argentinian clubs. Besides, thanks to the website, I created a partnership with CAEF (Assistance Center for Soccer players Training) and I was able to place 17 players at this institution. I currently have a total of 96 players from different countries, such as Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, and MyBestPlay has proved to be a most suitable tool for my job."

Diego Calla

Basketball Agent

Mar Del Plata [Argentina]

Basketball success

"I’m Diego Calla and I’m an Argentinian basketball agent. Thanks to MyBestPlay, I've been able to contact Lisandro Pracchia (18 years old) and I’ve got some trials for him in “Club Gimnasia y Esgrima” from La Plata. I’d like to point out that the club has been pleased with his performance since he’s a very skilful player. I’ve met him due to his videos and his well elaborated statistics. I should underline that MyBestPlay has been very useful for me to find players who want to succeed. "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]