Success stories

Francesco Capobianco

Soccer Agent

Usa [Italy]

From South America to Europe

"My name is Francesco Capobianco and Iím an Italian agent. Iíve been a member of MyBestPlay since January 2008. I published an ad on the website since a Premier League Club in Azerbaijan was looking for a forward player. Thanks to MyBestPlay I could contact the Brazilian player Leandro Olivera and an Argentine player called Emanuel De Porras. Both have been chosen for some trials, and they will travel to Azerbaijan soon. "

Marcio Martins

Soccer Agent

Louveira [Brazil]

Professional alliance on MyBestPlay!

"Iím Marcio Martins. I play for Louveira F.C in Brazil and Iím a faithful user of this website. Thanks to MyBestPlay, I got to know New Players Company and we finally made an agreement. In December, we transferred Danny Henrique and Jader Almeida to America S„o Paulo Club because they will take part in Sao Paulo Junior Cup. We are dealing other transfers at the moment. This alliance will continue to bear fruits. Thanks MyBestPlay! "

Andrea Rossi

Soccer Club

Arezzo [Italy]

From Romania to Italy

"My company called Futursoccer, which has contacts with clubs in Tuscany (Italy), hold a special meeting for young footballers between 15 and 17 years old. We have successfully got plenty of contacts, and many players from all over the world attended. Finally, Luca Marin Andrei, who came from Bucharest (Romania), was recruited by Pro League First Division Club: AC Arezzo. MyBestPlay was very useful for us to find skilful players who want to get ahead. "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]