Success stories

Gianluca Glietti

Soccer Scout

Avola S(r) [Italy]

A player was engaged in Sicilia

"Iím Gianluca Glietti, Iím an Italian scout, and Iíve made good contacts in soccer, especially in Sicily. I signed up on MyBestPlay on December 2009 and I've found high-quality profiles since then. Among all the players Iíve contacted, I've met Jonathan De Giulli, a 23-year-old soccer player from Livorno. Thanks to some negotiations, Jonathan has been recruited by Akragas, an "Eccellenza" club in Sicily, and fortunately, heíll start playing for that team with his brand-new striped shirt this weekend. "

Edifutbol5 Asesoramiento Y Representacion

Soccer Agent

San Cristobal-tachira [Venezuela]

Success story in Venezuela

"Iím Edinson Arias Urrego and Iím a soccer agent in Venezuela. Iím a member of MyBestPlay since 2009, and thanks to promoting my company on this website, Iíve made a lot of contacts worldwide. Besides, I've recently opened headquarters in Colombia. I work with several players, and fortunately, Iíve recruited a forward called Juan Manuel Vazquez Sosa through this website. Heís playing for the second division club ďHermandad GallegaĒ in Venezuela. I hope to find other talents in the future with this amazing network! Iím grateful to all the team for helping me in my daily work."

Alex Petrov

Soccer Agent

Madrid [Spain]

Triple success in Spain

"My name is Alex Petrov. I work as a football agent in Spain, and I have a FIFA licence. Iíve been a member of MyBestPlay since 2008. I strongly believe MyBestPlay is very useful. I work with 7 players now, five of which I've found through this website. I work with Carlos Martin, who's playing for ďPuerta BonitaĒ Club. He's recently scored an incredible goal for that team against Real Madrid C. What's more, I represent Pablo Martin who plays for Amisport and Fran Linares, a forward who's been recruited by Tres Cantos Club. All of these teams are located in Madrid. Iíd like to say that Iím happy when I watch them play, since I feel rewarded for my job. Iím used to publishing new ads monthly, and fortunately, players from all over the world apply for them to have an opportunity. I wish we could someday read one of my playersí testimonials on MyBestPlay, when they play for the biggest leagues! "

Video testimonials

Alto Rendimiento Deportivo

Soccer Agent

San Miguel [Argentina]