Communiquer grâce à MyBestPlay

MyBestPlay is the best way to advertise if your products and services focus on a market segment of sportsmen on duty and sport professionals in general. We can offer you segment publicity by sport, language and country, thus being able to show your ads only to Spanish soccer players or to Argentinian basketball clubs, for example. .

Your campaigns will be published on MyBestPlay throughout the time agreed by the advertiser or for a number of views you would like to pay for, taking into account that a “view” refers to the website where your ad has effectively been seen.

We have the following advertising formats:
1. Skyscraper (Rascacielos)

One of the most popular formats, with much bigger results than the others.

Placement: By the right side of the profiles of MyBestPlay’s users, which is seen in its full size with a screen resolution of 1024.

Benefits: Ideal branding format through general rotation actions, with a bigger clickthrough ratio than the traditional upper banners and other creative tools. Particularly effective with creative Flash tools that promote a greater visibility and impact. Huge segment possibilities.

2. Banner 200x100

Also called “website thief”

Placement: It is also placed on the right side of the profiles of MyBestPlay’s users.

Benefits: It is a banner which integrates very well on pages and key websites where advertisement is not a nuisance for users. It proves to be very effective.

3. Email Marketing

Advertisement on the email exchanges between MyBestPlay and the registered users, among the users themselves, as well as intentional emails we can send, according to the promotional action suggested by the advertiser.

Placement: There are multiple placement possibilities on newsletters and contact emails, according to the advertiser’s needs.

Benefits: It is the ideal format to promote a new service or to send a registration form. It achieves high clickthrough ratios and promotes registration, since emails can be sent with very specific intentions of market segmentation.

Contact us, ask for information on budget conditions and possibilities by email and we will give you a soon answer.