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Zubair Patel

Blackburn [Inglaterra] 28 anos

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  • Posição:Atacante
  • Nível:Amador
  • Nacionalidade:Inglaterra 
  • Data de nascimento:25/01/1992
  • Altura:183 Cm.
  • Peso:75 Kg.
  • Velocidade:9
  • Força:10
  • Potência:10
  • Técnica:10
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  • Selecionado:Disponível para usuários registrados. Registre-se
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I started playing football since I was 5 years old. I was part of my primary school football team. We played against other primary schools and we won the finals with me scoring a hat-trick. I havn't joined any clubs yet. I've been playing with people older than me which gave me an advantage to learn more techniques. I play as a striker even when I play with older people. I can be a good keeper aswell that's only when i'm the mood to go in nets but I havn't played in nets for a long time now so i'm just going to stick with being a striker. I play at JJB Soccerdome (5-a-side) every Friday night with my friends. I really like playing football. So if there is anyone (in the U.K-England) who is looking for a striker please could you let me know. Thankyou.

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