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Frederick Amewugah

pretoria [South Africa] 25 years old

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Published 09.01.15

Please someone help me find a team to come and a tra4ls with i am a good playeri play in the central defense (4) and also other position. I am a Ghanaian but reside in south africa and have been on so many trails which where successful but the only problem is i dont have permit so i end up not signing for any e agents out there help me pleare this is my contact + thank you all akd hoping to hear from xtou


Published 18.05.14

I want the list of all the current trails in south africa


Published 04.03.13

I am a young talented footballer and very free looking for try outs either from 3rd divison to professional one with information about howto secure a try out or can help me get a team to join i will be very please thank you all and hope to hear from you all.


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