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Fabinho Paullista

Sao Bernardo do Campo [Brazil] 39 years old

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  • Position:Forward
  • Advanced position:Centre Forward
  • Level:Professional
  • Nationality:Brazil 
  • Date of birth :09/04/1980
  • Height:175 Cm.
  • Weight:70 Kg.
  • Speed:10
  • Strength:10
  • Power:10
  • Technique:10
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Hello; I am fabinho paullista brazilian player striker left free I am free player I am Brazilian striker I am looking for opportunities outside Brazil I do not have a representative I had 4 very good for several games my dvds especially abroad because I played more time outside Brazil than here in Brazil, over the past year, a sleazy agent tricked me with an offer for me to go play overseas again, I trust the guy and gave it to my 4 dvds, at the time I was with my mother and my wife hospitalized, my head was wanting thousand, and now the guy disappeared after I found out he has hit on other players and already has months to the guy behind me, okay difficult and I\\\'ve lost several good opportunities because of it even more so I\\\'m sending what I have material when there is interest I await response to a proposal\\\'m ready to play, train, traveling and performing in any team My presentation at the ferroviário athletic club in February 2012 I am player black photo ok: /watch? V=-SO3N7viN_E&feature= Http://. Br/? Id=4633 Http://. Br/2012/02/ferroviario-apresenta- Full Name: Fabio Bernardes de Santana Nickname: Fabinho Paulista Nationality: Brazilian Birth: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (BRA) Date of Birth: 09/04/1980 Position: striker and center forward left Height: cm Weight: 70 Kg Clubs: Associação Rio Pardense (BRA) 2013 Ferroviário Athletic club (BRA) 2012 Atletico Villa Rica (BRA). 2011 Athletic Club Izabelenze Para (BRA). 2010 Azam FC (Tanzania). 2009 T & T Hanoi (Vietnam). 2009 F . C . Chonburi (thailand). 2008 Union Barbarense-SP (BRA). 2007 -RJ (BRA). 2006 Montevideo Wanderers (URU). 2005 Naútico (BRA). 2004 Bragantino (BRA). 2003 Servette (Switzerland). 2002 Lons R. C . Le Saunier (FRA). 2001/2002 Barueri-SP (BRA). 2000 Atletico Sorocaba, Sao Paulo (BRA). 1999 Barueri-SP (BRA). 1998 CLUBS WITH PREVIOUS YEARS AND Divisions: 1998 / 2000 / 2001 gremio recreational Barueri 50 games 20 goals. 1999 Athletic sorocaba 15 games 5 goals. 2001 RClons le Saunier (France) 30 games 12 goals. 2002 Servette (Switzerland) 10 games 4 goals. 2003 CA Bragantino 11 games 5 goals. A . D . Sao Caetano. 10:08 4:03 games Goals. 2005 Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 24 games 10 goals. 2006 BC. Bangu 8 games 2 goals / Rome pr 6 games 2 goals. 2007 rn Corinthians 5 1gol games. 2008 Osasco 4 games 0 goal 2009 T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 10 games 3 goals. 2009/2010 Azam FC (Tanzania) 12 games 5 goals. 2010 Athletic C. Izabelense 5 games 2 goals. 2011 Athletic clube vila rica 5 games 4 goals. 2012 Ferroviário Athletic club 4 games 2 goals. 2013/2014 Associação Rio Pardense 5 games 1 goal CHAMPIONSHIPS PLAYED / TITLES OBTAINED Paulista championship junior-gremio recreational Barueri 1998 / 2000 Paulista championship junior athletic-sorocaba 1999 SP Cup champion soccer junior-gremio recreational Barueri 2001 National League of France / French championship D4 RC. Lons le Saunier 2001 Tournament champion toulosse le Saunier (France) 2001 UEFA and League Cup Swiss-Servette (Switzerland) 2002 Brazilian championship series B-CA. Braganza Northeast-Nautical Cup 2004 Sao Paulo-Sao Caetano Championship 2004 Pre-Libertadores tournament and Uruguay-Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 2005 Carioca Championship Series B-2006 ú Cup one hundred years of Rome apucarana pr-2006 Paulista championship series A3-union Barbarense 2007 1D-Natal Championship Corinthians rn 2007 Tournament top-T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 2009 Championship Tanzanian-Azam FC (Tanzania) 2009 Para-2D Athletic League club izabelense 2010 Para-2D Atlhletic League club vila rica 2011 Ceará-1D Ferroviário Athletic club 2012 Rgs-2D Associação Rio Pardense 2013/2014 Racismo no futebol; Racism in football; Fabinho paullista entrevista interview: Http://. Br/? Id=16043&category=208 My CV: atacantes-/2010/12/ You tube: entrevista fabinho paulista /watch? V=z0snnHqz7N0 /watch? V=hSxfC-q5W4I /watch? V=2elm8AuYbeQ /watch? V=lbCgBoLf5qU /watch? V=ZB3X_XG0uCk /watch? V=AfOgyE8e4Zs /watch? V=s9YKzvK-FrQ /watch? V=-SO3N7viN_E&feature= /watch? V=QH19IzDcRwU /watch? V=8wpj6LKCWW8&feature= Http:///watch? V=wgMM3FePaIE My email: My page in facebook: fabinho sant ana Fabinho paullista my phone here in brazil: mobile tim +5511 9 5841 58 77 Best regards; Fabinho paullista striker left of sao paulo brazil

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    • Season: 2014-2014
    • Position: Forward

    • Season: 2014-2014
    • Position: Forward

    • Season: 2014-2014
    • Position: Forward
    • Advanced position: Centre Forward


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